Quenched & tempered plate

Used in high-impact applications, quenched & tempered plate is produced by intense heating of the plate, and then cooling processes, which produce a product to a specific degree of hardness. Quenched & tempered steel plate is often used in defence, transport, mining and structural applications. It is designed for and is ideal in applications where the steel will be subjected to high-impact situations, that require a degree of strength to ensure the product lasts.

Your BlueScope Distribution team can help you determine the quenched and tempered steel plate product to suit your application. We also have a range of steel processing services, such as cutting, bevelling, drilling, blasting and priming, to suit a range of applications.

BlueScope Distribution has a range of BISALLOY® steel products, across the three product categories of high wear, high strength and armour grade specialty steels.

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