Reinforcing steel products

Our local BlueScope Distribution team can assist you with your reinforcing steel requirements, such as mesh and deformed bar, and a range of accessories such as spacers and bar chairs. Reinforcing mesh is a welded wire fabric, prefabricated steel reinforcement material. It has a rectangular or square grid pattern and is produced in flat sheets. It is used to provide tensile strength and crack control to structural concrete elements.


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If your project requires reinforcing products, we can assist with sourcing products such as trench mesh, square mesh and deformed bar.

Mesh products

  • Trench Mesh: Trench Mesh is used for residential footing trenches. Trench mesh is made using a variety of longitudinal wires up to 12mm diameter. Cross wires are at 300mm centres and sheets are made in 6m lengths, with widths varying depending on the number of longitudinal wires. The longitudinal wires are at 100mm centres.
  • Square Mesh: Square mesh is general purpose mesh for reinforcing flat concrete, used for concrete floor slabs and walls. Mesh is made to order, which can be specified in different sizes to suit your needs. Used for reinforcing flat concrete elements such as floor slabs and walls, and driveways. Square mesh is available sizes to suit.
  • Rectangular Mesh: Rectangular Mesh is used when more strength is required in one direction, such as floor slabs and walls.

Reinforcing Bar products are often supplied processed or fabricated to suit the specific requirements of the project.

Bar products

  • Plain Round Bar: Commonly used to manufacture ligatures used to separate top and bottom layers of mesh in concrete slabs, or as dowel bars for joining concrete sections in pavement.
  • Deformed Bar: Deformed bar is used where extra reinforcing is required to fabric sheets or trench mesh.
  • Starter Bars: Starter bars are usually made to tie reinforced masonry or concrete walls to slabs or footings, as designed by the engineer. They can be cut and bent to shape from standard deformed reinforcing bar.
  • Corner Bars: Corner bars are used to tie together two elements of a structure that are at right angles to each other, such as walls, slabs or beams. Cut and bent to shape from standard deformed reinforcing bar.
  • Ligatures: Ligatures are used to separate top and bottom layers of trench mesh in residential slabs or for fabricating beam or column cages.
  • Swimming Pool Reinforcing Bar: Reinforcing bar for use in domestic concrete swimming pools is easily cut and bent into shape on site to speed up construction times. Swimming pool bar (specially formulated reinforcing bar) and allowing for total freedom of design.

Reinforcing accessories

Bar chairs, spacers, safety caps, jointing, lintels and polythene film, all the right accessories to assist you with any building project.

  • Spacers & Chairs: Spacers and chairs for concreting provide support for reinforcing mesh and bar.
  • Slab-on-Ground Spacers: Plastic slab-on-ground spacers are suitable for supporting both reinforcing mesh and bar in slab-on-ground applications.
  • Wire Chairs: The steel-wire spacer’s legs are protected with a film of plastic ultimately preventing the wire spacer from sinking into the ground. Plastic-tipped bar chairs can be used in suspended slabs, beams, vertical walls and slab on ground applications.
  • Concrete Block Spacers: Concrete block spacers feature a wide, flat base, which ensures no rolling or tilting. This product is suitable for slab-on-ground application.


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It’s this combined capability which makes us a single source product, processing and solutions provider. Through our national network, no project is too big, too remote or too complex. Our team are experienced with coordinating multiple processing and delivery needs for our customers projects. Our range of value-add processing services include cutting, drilling, bevelling, blasting, priming and router cutting.

To learn more about our range of steel processing services, please visit our processing page.


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We work closely with our customers to manage product requirements and forecasting to ensure material is available how and when it is needed, so our customers can concentrate on manufacturing a wide range of end use products.Your BlueScope Distribution team can assist with scheduling, forecasting, consignment options, product labelling and kitting options, nesting, and project management from start to finish.