Pipes, valves and fittings

Our BlueScope Distribution teams can assist with your pipeline, HVAC and mining pipe and valves projects. Our export division is experienced with the coordination of pipes, valves and fittings for overseas projects. Our teams can discuss your commercial pipe, ERW pipe, pressure pipe, seamless pipe, valves and fitting requirements.


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We can also assist with the matching valves and fittings to complete your pipeline project needs.

  • Commercial Pipe: Our teams can discuss commercial pipe products manufactured to a range of grades (Light & Extra Light, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy), black and galvanised, and to suit a range of joining methods and fittings.
  • ERW Pipe: We can also assist with ERW Sections, which are used in various engineering applications, as well as fencing, scaffolding, and line piping.
  • Pressure Pipe: Used to carry a fluid (water, steam, hydraulic oil, natural gas, compressed air, brine, aviation fuel, LPG, petroleum, gas, liquid, slurry) and must retain pressure without leaking.
  • Seamless Pipe: Used in a diverse range of fluid handling and structural applications, such as petroleum and chemical handling.

Pipe fittings

Our team can discuss your needs when it comes to pipe fittings. Pipe fittings come in a variety of finishes to suit many applications. These include galvanised and black steel, steel unions, galvanised malleable, buttweld, grooved, shouldered and high-pressure fittings.


We can investigate a range of options when it comes to valves, to cover a wide range of requirements. These include butterfly and dual-flap check valves.


Talk to our team today regarding DIN and ANSI flanges, sourced from globally recognised ISO accredited mills, with material certificates available for all.


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We also offer processing services to suit our aluminium products. Our processing service range enables us to deliver custom cut and processed steel and aluminium solutions, which our customers then transform into many end-user products.

To learn more about our range of steel processing services, please visit our processing page.